Hotel with restaurant in Lecce

The Hotel Aloisi, hotel with restaurant in Lecce, offers its guests a modern bistro where they can enjoy all their meals of the day.

Bistrot Kilo is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It offers a cuisine that pays homage to the regional, Italian and Mediterranean tradition. Fresh and genuine dishes with a preference for fish dishes.

Each dish is made using top quality ingredients, carefully chosen according to the seasons to ensure healthiness and taste.


3-star hotel with restaurant in Lecce


All raw materials are processed with care and simplicity in order to bring out all the flavor of the original product.

Taste that represents the other side of each dish, cared for down to the smallest detail from an aesthetic point of view to offer guests dishes that combine taste and appearance.

The restaurant is open to hotel guests and also to outsiders.

It is possible to consume one's favorite dishes inside the restaurant or to bring the chosen dishes at home thanks to the take away service.


Hotel with typical restaurant in Lecce 


Quality dishes, raw materials selected with care and attention from the best local producers, taste and aesthetics.

All this is offered by a modern and innovative restaurant also in the ambience, in the mood, in the style.

Kilo Bistrot offers the most authentic Salento cuisine in a nice environment, furnished in modern style, with many tributes to tradition and local culture.

As in the case of the tables made of olive wood, plant symbol of the territory.

All dishes can be accompanied by wines by the glass or bottle, choosing from the rich selection of labels in the cellar.


Choose the comfort of a hotel with restaurant in Lecce, book at the 3 star Hotel Aloisi.


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