Hotel with free parking Lecce

The Hotel Aloisi, hotel with free parking in Lecce, offers its guests a practical service that is particularly convenient for those who love to travel by car.

At the time of booking, it is necessary to reserve a parking space in order to be able to park in total tranquility.

The private parking is a service particularly loved by those who normally move with cars or motorcycles and that in many cases has the problem of having to find a parking space near the structure chosen for the stay.


3-star hotel with free parking in Lecce


Free parking is particularly convenient for families with children or for older guests. In this way you can reach the hotel quickly by parking just a few steps from the entrance.

There is no need to drive long distances or to carry your luggage along.

This is a particularly important plus for all those who travel for work.

The private parking lot allows you to plan your trip in the best way, avoiding the need to submit to the timetables of public transport and thus optimizing the time.


Hotel with free parking in Lecce


The possibility to benefit from a private parking lot also allows you to plan in total autonomy the movements to be made in the area for business or pleasure.

Let's discover the locations and points of interest reachable by car:

- Lecce - 4.1 km: historical center, Church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza, Church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, Palazzo Adorno, Basilica di Santa Croce, Cathedral, Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, Amphitheater and Roman Theater, Castle of Charles V, Piazza Sant'Oronzo;

- Acaya - 20 km;

- Calimera - 25.5 km;

- Galatina - 27 km;

- Nardò - 28.7 km;

- Gallipoli - 42 km: historical center, Angevin Aragonese Castle, Cathedral of Sant'Agata;

- Otranto - 51 km: Aragonese Castle, Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata;

- Specchia - 57.8 km.


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